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The MCAA Individual Athletic Grant Program is sponsored by the Mosinee Community Athletic Association. The Program is intended to assist individuals in the Mosinee Community with specific and unexpected needs which threaten their participation in an athletic activity. Requirements: In order to qualify for an MCAA Individual Athletic Grant, all of the below conditions must be met:

The need must be unexpected.

The funds requested must be used by an individual participant.

The need must be specific to the individual's participation in an athletic activity.

The applicant must explain/justify the need for financial assistance

The applicant must show that all other reasonable possibilities have been exhausted

Examples of things that would not qualify for an MCAA Individual Athletic Grant:

Things that were or should have been expected such as participation fees and normal equipment or uniform costs.

Support for teams or groups such as equipment, uniforms, tournament entry fees, or sponsorships.

Participation in non-athletic activities.

Payment of penalties, fines, or back-fees from previous years, seasons, or incidents.

Application and Approval Process

1. The application must be fully completed by the applicant(s)

2. The application may be submitted via:

a. Postal Mail to

MCAA - Individual Athletic Grant

P.O. Box 61

Mosinee, WI 54455

b. E-mail to

c. Hand delivery to any MCAA member (at which time it will be forwarded to an Executive Committee member)

3. The application will be reviewed and must be approved by at least two Executive Committee members. Review and approval process should ensure the application meets the three fundamental requirements:

a. An unexpected need

b. For an individual

c. Threatens the individual's participation in an athletic activity.

4. Upon approval, notification will be made to the MCAA Treasurer and funds can be disbursed immediately.

5. The approving members will provide a verbal report to the full MCAA at the next regular meeting.

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